Music News

Nothing New

I haven’t done anything new but I felt like I needed to post some kind of update so here it is.

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The Worry of Burnout

If you’ve ever felt burned out in the past and make it through, you’re left with worrying about burnout. What a vicious cycle.

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The Grind

It’s kind of a grind to be an independent artist – constantly releasing music into the void and spending all that time trying to promote it…

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Making Comparisons

In this entry, I talk about comparing yourself to others and why you probably need to change that habit.

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Being Creative

In this post, I write about my creative process and also share some of my musical works!

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Setting the Baseline

My music, my art, my life will never be perfect but it doesn’t need to be. This entry tries to provide a brief look at Achira’s musical journey.

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