New Single from Achira: Underwater

Hello Readers!

I’m pleased to tell you that I have a new single out today (May 5) on all streaming platforms! Find it wherever you listen to music here:

This track is the first of a new series of releases that I’m working on where I will focus on smaller releases more frequently. I chose to release this one first because, honestly, I just had so much fun listening to it at the skate rink!

It’s a big part of the release process to listen to the music. I’ve listened to this a thousand times on headphones, laptop speakers, studio monitor speakers, and in the car. And, well, I love the energy I get from this one. Especially right in the middle, after a calming underwater break, coming back with a strong synth and harder kicks. ❤

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed the process of creating it!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

JL (Achira)

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