A Little Spring Cleaning

It’s spring cleaning time! Time to change. Out with the old and in with something different.

I’ve done a lot of changing over the years usually in the name of keeping my various personalities separated from each other. My music work was kept on achira.art and work-related things were confined to fromthefuture.net. But, not anymore!

I am tired of trying to maintain that separation. Initially, I started by simply cross-linking the sites but now I’ve finalized a full consolidation. My domains (fromthefuture.net and achira.art) now redirect to pages within this website (landersart.com). And all of the posts I had created for those domains have been migrated here as well.

In part, this is a long-term cost-reduction effort. Consolidating means less to maintain and fewer subscriptions to worry with. It’s also an issue of content generation. I have more art to share than I do work-related musings or updates around my music. Those blogs wouldn’t go anywhere without more frequent content updates and, being honest, I don’t have that level of energy.

Anyway, this quick post is here just to let you know that everything is fine! For my more cybersecurity-conscious readers, the domain redirect is planned and expected. For anyone looking for my music profile, I’m still making music and will post updates about that periodically.

For those that were already here to look at drawings and read little stories, well, let’s just roll with it. This will only add to the variety of stories offered.

As always, thanks for your support!


P.S. Please excuse any mess with missing images or broken links in older posts. I don’t plan to go back and fix up that imported content but I wanted to keep it around for reference.

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