Earth and Sky

Creation stories are fascinating. You would think they were all the same. I mean, it’s creation. Something didn’t exist, then it was made, and now it suddenly exists.

If you asked me what I believed in, I would tell you that I believe in the Big Bang. Some people would tell me that it’s not a belief, it’s just science fact.

But, I wonder sometimes, what’s the difference between science and religion when you can’t explain the science? If you can’t run the experiments yourself, think through the hypothesis, gather the evidence… Well, in the end, you just have faith that all those other smart people are getting it right.

Don’t take this as me equating religion and science.

I’m against religion. I’m for science. Science is based in logic and reason; experimentation and peer reviewed outcomes. Science provides answers through evidence and observation. Science doesn’t have a fancy sky wizard that, like Santa Claus, keeps a list of naughty and nice. But unlike Santa, ignores you your whole life and then puts you in a fiery pit for all eternity.

At least Santa brings presents.

Religion is a story much like this art. It’s pretty (well, minus a few vengeful chapters). It’s hopeful. It’s fantastical. It’s make believe.

Made up. Not real.

Even so, I can’t fault someone for believing. They have faith that their religion is real and true just like so many others that came before them. And I, like them, have faith. Faith in science. No matter what I say or how I dress it up, I personally can’t explain it all.

I’m also not interested in validating every last fact on my own. I expect people trained in these areas to run experiments, find the evidence, and dumb it down for me just enough so that I can have a basic understanding.

I guess we’re all creatures of faith.

So, why can’t we leave each other be? Let each have their own beliefs and faith and stop trying to shove it on everyone else. Don’t try to sell your religion to me. Or scare me with visions of my death and how I need to repent to get into heaven. Don’t come to the door and read bible verses to me.

For me, the difference between religion and science is clear. Your religion wants me to believe in one theory as fact based on a bunch of fantastical stories with no way to test the hypothesis.

Science, though?

Oh, who am I kidding, you’re not going to change. You certainly aren’t going to stop trying to convince me that your story is true.

But, hey, at least I won’t come knocking on your door. I won’t rent a billboard. I won’t plaster signs all around. Others might, but I won’t. My beliefs are my own. Sure, they’re printed here for the world to see, should you choose to read it.

I guess that’s the point, though. You had to come here and read this of your own free will.

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