Follow Up: I Pooped And It Was Amazing

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago, I posted about a book I had illustrated with the promise of posting prints from the book. Well, that day has arrived!

I chose these three images to turn into prints mostly because I love the colors in the pictures. I think these would look good hanging on a wall and are easily recognized from the book.

Though, for those of you that haven’t bought the book, these images are slightly different than the original. (The poop has been removed.)

Behind the scenes, illustrating the book took a considerable amount of time. Including the cover, there are 22 images in total with the finals each taking 7 to 9 hours to complete. (There were also a few rejects and revisions along the way, so there’s more time.) Most of the images were done in a traditional, painterly style so there was just a lot of manual effort involved in the coloring of each image.

Anyway, you can see a timelapse of one of the “I Feel So Free” image at Youtube or embedded here.

As always, if you like what you see here, throw some support my way! These images are available for purchase at the Merchandise link above along side a lot of other fun work.

And, while we’re here, might I recommend buying a copy of the book? Don’t forget to leave reviews!

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