New Year, New Updates

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023! I hope this year turns out to the best one yet for you in all your endeavors!

For me, the year is starting off promising in many different areas. I’ve been working on my art extensively and was fortunate enough to illustrate a book for my partner. It’s available for purchase now! (Find more information here: Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing, LLC.) I am working on additional illustration projects and will share more about this throughout the year.

However, since I’ve been working hard on my visual art, I felt it was important to update my musical branding to something more… professional. I wanted the art here to truly reflect the effort that I put into my music and at be similar in quality.

So to that end, you will see an updated logo shown here to the left (or above, on mobile).

This also led to a re-evaluation of my releases up to this point and the cover art I created for those. While I wasn’t super disappointed in that art, I just had an overwhelming feeling that I could make it better. And for “Jellyfish in Space”, I felt that it could be a lot better. So, I hope you like the new cover art as much as I do. It has been updated here, on Bandcamp, and should be reflected on all major streaming platforms soon.

Finally, I am joining the year 2008 and set up a new Facebook page to fill the social media void that was left by leaving Twitter. So follow my blog or on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Speaking of updates… On the music front, I’ve been busy too.

I have been actively working on a new music over the past couple months. It’s not far enough along to share any meaningful details but, you know, I’m inspired. I’m excited, feeling good, and I think it’s going to be an amazing year!



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