Album Release: Jellyfish in Space

Dear Readers,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated these pages but now that I’ve changed hosting providers and have worked to migrate content, I thought it would be important to update the latest blog entry to at least reflect that I’ve released new music!

Actually, since my last writing, I’ve released two albums. Change the Station was released in February for the RPM Challenge of 2022 and then, more recently in August, I released Jellyfish in Space. So what’s this latest release all about? Is it really about jellyfish? Nope!

This album was all about having fun. I used a lot of different drum patterns, upbeat tempos, and specifically tried making music that was similar in feel to music I love listening to. And then when it came to naming – it was almost entirely just about making up something funny. Sometimes you can hear the inspiration for the title but I’d advise against reading too much into it.

One fact about this album: the last song was supposed to be named FOAD but I hard a time with the distributor and it ended up being easier to just change out the name.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this album! And stay tuned for more updates!



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