Hello, New Friends!

Photo by Laura Balbarde on Pexels.com

Dear Reader,

If you landed on this page hoping to learn more about Achira, the root crop of the Andes, well… I’m sorry. Where you’ve ended up is on the page of an artist struggling to put something positive in the world! This first post is just going to be an explanation of why I’m using the name Achira. (Pronunciation: ah-CHEE-rah, reference: https://www.thenamemeaning.com/achira/.)

I originally chose the name Achira, when I was younger, as a name for a video game character. Aside from being a fun sounding name, I learned it meant “swift” which matched the characters I wanted to play. Over the years, I’ve used it in nearly every video game I’ve played and continue to do so today so when I wanted to put music into the world, I decided to use it again because I’ve developed such a strong attachment to the name over all this time.

What started as a name for a rouge-like character came to represent any character I played and has become, in my mind, a character that can accomplish anything with hard work and perseverance. This brings me back to my whole purpose in this blog and in creating music. I have a desire to create something that lives beyond me – something that can go out into the world, be seen, heard, and enjoyed by others.

On this page, I hope to periodically post about my work, my process, and the struggles along the way. So even if you ended up here because of that root plant, feel free to stick around and try to enjoy the show!




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